Ipad Apps for the Family at Christmas

There are certain traditions are observed during Christmas. Getting a Christmas tree, wrapping presents and downloading the best Christmas apps for an iPad. It's time to sell ipad and get the latest version for Christmas.

Christmas Photo Frames


One aspect of the Christmas season is the sending of Christmas cards. Many people get those Christmas cards with manger scenes, snowmen, holly, shiny baubles and more. With this app people will be able to take their own pictures. They can then pick from more than 100 various Christmas themed frames for them. It’s been designed for the user to be able to easily create their own Christmas cards.

Talking Santa


This app is for parents with children who want to develop a close relationship with Santa. It enables children to speak with Santa on a daily basis. He’ll say back to them whatever the children tell him. It has been designed so users can create cards, Christmas messages and videos that can be sent to people using email, Face book or even text. There is even an additional character added, a cat named Ginger. Children find Ginger very funny. Parents need to be careful when their children use this app. Should they press the wrong button when using it, they could easily download more content than desired.

A Charlie Brown Christmas


This app is based upon the classic Peanuts Christmas special from 1965. It has been designed to provide the experience of a story book with special interactions from animations, music, narration and more. Children will experience a special connection with the Peanuts Christmas classic as they can help decorate Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree and even play Schroeder’s piano.

Super Dance Elf Christmas with Friends


The Christmas season is a time where the desire to place images of the heads of friends and family onto bodies that are wearing elf suits and dancing, is irresistible. This app has been designed to let the user take pictures they have on their system and put them onto a gender specific elf. There are also the bodies of Reggae Reindeer or Miss Merry Christmas available. There’s just something special about seeing people you know, dancing to a holiday tune as an elf or reindeer.

Holiday Time Machine


Everybody has a Christmas moment from the past they enjoy remembering. It was usually a different time and the world was a different place. This app has been designed as a video time machine that lets users see things from Christmas past. Once the user has set the year, they can see advertisements, television shows and popular music from previous Christmases. It is something that can help anyone remembers a Christmas from when they were a child. It provides information as far back as 1898.

Toca Hair Salon – Christmas Gift


This app is perfect for anyone who feels Santa needs to change his appearance. It enables the user to style Santa’s hair and beard. It provides the user with a variety of colors and accessories to cut, color and create a new Santa image. Who can resist the opportunity to see if a red Mohican look will suit Santa? If the user gets bored with Santa, there is also a Christmas tree available to beautify.

Christmas Carolizer


Christmas is the time of year when people tolerate the inability of friends and family to sing. This app enables the user to participate in Christmas karaoke. They can also create Christmas cards.

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