Is John Galliano Losing It?

Galliano losing it

Fashion designer John Galliano looks like he might be losing bits and pieces of his sanity the further time progresses, which is a terrible thing for his state of mind considering time moves at a constant rate and there is very little chance that he exists non-linearly.

And, no, I don't feel sorry for him in the least... I mean socks with sandals, seriously?


After being criticised in February for inadvertently resembling a Hasidic Jew (not a good look for a man trying to move on from an anti-Semitic scandal), John Galliano has got himself a scene stealing - and may we say, rather snazzy - new look.

Unveiled yesterday as Parsons fashion school's most fabulous supply-teacher-in-waiting (Galliano will be leading a four-day course for senior BA students entitled 'Show Me The Emotion'), the disgraced former Dior designer took the opportunity to introduce 'Grunge-alliano', his Kurt Cobain meets Ray Mears at Woodstock-inspired alter ego. Read More

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