Is ME Cabo Right for You?

Without a doubt, ME Cabo provides a fun and exciting resort experience for guests who are looking for a specific type of fun while on vacation. If you are the type of person who wants to relax quietly at a resort that provides serenity and maybe even an outdoor nap or two, ME Cabo is exactly where you don’t want to go. However, if you love energetic locations and frequent bars and clubs in your hometown and have thought to yourself, “the only way this bar could be any better is if it was outdoors and next to a pool,” ME Cabo was designed specifically with you in mind.


With great DJs, hard drinks and  a lively gathering of like-minded visitors from around the world, ME Cabo is an exciting party destination for those looking for more fun than relaxation in their getaway. Likewise, as with most great hotels in Cabo San Lucas, the food, views and service at ME Cabo are pristine and make this place as luxurious as it is full of life.

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