Is Your Sofa Letting You Down?

If your current sofa has seen better days and is more than a little bit of an embarrassment, treat your living room to an early Christmas present. Furniture fashion trends at the moment have never been as witty, bold, understated, modern or classic; in fact, furniture fashion is so diverse that your living room deserves a little TLC.


A Word of Warning

If you're looking for a furnishing style, prepare to be dazzled with the latest new trends. Current furniture trends have such a diverse range of colours in bold monotones such as teal, but subtle colours are also in vogue too. Take a look around at the changing colours of autumn leaves, and you'll probably see one of the colours you can treat your home to.


Bold and bright have been around for some years now, and it looks as though that trend will be continuing well into 2013. With modern made-to-order sofas and chairs, you can choose the styles and colours which fit in with your lifestyle choices.

However, if you're not into bold-coloured sofas and prefer a little understatement in your life, you may want to choose from subtle lingering tones which complement virtually any interior décor style. A combination of subtle hues and bold colours can also be complemented by dazzling stripes on classical lines or the modern contemporary.

Increasingly, we are seeing understated and more subtle colours combined with classical striping and piping, and yet as we see increasing opportunities for colour combination in the home, we are now seeing what I call the ‘Jackson Pollock effect.


For anyone not familiar with Jackson Pollock, he was a pioneering figure in the abstract expressionist art movement of the early-to-middle decades of the 20th century. Increasingly, we are seeing upholstered sofas and chairs with bright, bold abstract patterns that defy the imagination and add more than a hint of exciting movement to any living space.

Abstract may not be for everyone, but for bold statements, the ‘Jackson Pollock effect’ is trending. And given their popularity, it looks like that, too, may be with us as an alternative for some time to come.

For those among us who prefer a much more classical décor and something verging on the sumptuous and bourgeois, leather has never been out of fashion. At one time the preserve of the wealthy and landed gentry, leather is now affordable, fashionable and much sought after. And forget any preconceptions you may have about leather being boring, black or brown; you couldn’t be further from the truth.

At the moment, we, as consumers, are spoilt for choice with such a diverse and dazzling collection of interior design trends and styles. if you want to create your own personal style statement, nothing aids this more than the opportunity of made-to-order furniture in the colours, layout and period from which the item is drawn.

Start looking today and spoil your home this Christmas with a partial or complete makeover just in time for the arrival of Mr. Claus.


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