Israel Broadcasting Authority Bans Galliano Dress for Singer

Getty Images

Due to fashion designer John Galliano's anti-Semitic remarks (caught on film, no less), the Israel Broadcasting Authority has banned an Israeli contestant named Moran Mazor from wearing a Galliano dress on air when she'll be appearing on the popular Eurovision Song Contest.


Things have been going pretty well for John Galliano lately: The Anti-Defamation League formally forgave him; he landed a residency at Oscar de la Renta’s studio; he might have a teaching gig lined up at a prestigious design school; and much of the fashion industry, including Anna Wintour, seems ready to welcome him back.

However, the Israel Broadcasting Authority is not ready to excuse Galliano’s past transgressions. They’ve banned Moran Mazor, the Israeli entrant in next month’s Eurovision Song Contest, from wearing a dress by the designer on air, according to a report in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (which The Cut unearthed). Read More

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