James Turrell Goes Retail

Louis Vuitton Las Vegas

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James Turrell has taken the fashion industry by storm in recent months, so it may come as a surprise that the legendary designer's works are being made available to the public at large – or at least that portion that can afford to shop at Louis Vuitton – in the form of an exclusive, by appointment only show room in Las Vegas.


On a hot desert afternoon nothing sounds better than the arctic blast of a shopping center. Yes, it is a “dry heat,” but at 110 degrees, the relevance of humidity levels dissipates. So what store should you go to? If it were me, I’d call Louis Vuitton at City Center and make an appointment to see the new James Turrell! Number one: yes, you read that right — there is a permanent installation by Turrell at Louis Vuitton City Center. Number two: yes, you read that right — you will have to make an appointment to see the work. (Read More)


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