Japan Wows with Smell-o-Phone

The Smell Peripheral

Photo by Starr/CNET Australia

Trust the Japanese to make the strangest innovation and turn it into a brilliant device full of potential. They've struck again with the development of an iPhone peripheral that can quite literally send smells instead of sounds and pictures. The luxury accessory has yet to prove its capacity for transmitting the subtlety of smells, but the innovation is there and it's only a matter of time.


A Japanese company has created an iPhone peripheral that will allow you to send smells to your friends.


It's the iPhone add-on we never knew we needed: a perfume cartridge that will allow friends to send each other aromas. Created by Japanese perfume company Chaku Perfume, ChatPerf consists of an atomiser that you plug into your phone's charging port, and an app that allows friends to activate it.


The scent could also be activated when you get an email notification, giving you an olfactory signal that someone wants your attention. (Read More)


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