Jazz at the Bistro - St. Louis - Fine Dining

Jazz at the Bistro offers up a downright cool place in St. Louis that has patrons tapping their toes, snapping their fingers and humming in delight to some amazing live jazz. While the live performances held at Jazz at the Bistro are a fantastic reason to go to this slick location, the food offered is absolutely exceptional as well and is on par with the music as far as excellence is concerned.


For those in the know with the jazz world, some of the acts that come to Jazz at the Bistro in St. Louis are instantly recognizable, if not the biggest names in the genre. With the likes of Marcus Miller, Marlena Shaw, Jeremy Davenport and Jon Faddis rolling through there, you can easily tell that the management at this great venue and restaurant are true jazz fans. Add the great menu to the impressive music and you are sure to have an amazing time in St. Louis.

Michael P.

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