Jennifer Lopez Claims She Had No Part in Getting Maid Fired

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez' version of a story where a hotel maid was fired due to attempting to get an autograph are wildly different than what was originally reported. She's insisting that she didn't have a part whatsoever in the firing of the maid nor that she even knew of the event occurring. In fact, it's being stated by her security that the housekeeper actually barged into the singer's room. What do you think?


A maid named Pray Dodaj was quoted telling a German tabloid that she lost her job last week at the Melia Duesseldorf hotel after asking for J-Lo’s autograph. Jennifer Lopez has chosen to speak out to address – and deny – this rumor that surfaced yesterday, taking to twitter to state , “Would never get anyone fired over an autograph. 1st I heard of this was on twitter. #hurtful.”

The maid was quited [sic] saying, “I was rejected by two assistants at the door,” she continues. “A day later the cleaning company that employed me at the hotel called and said that Ms.Lopez had complained. I was fired right there on the phone! Because of an autograph!” Read More


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