Jesse Tyler Ferguson's Shoe Closet Will Make You Jealous

Jesse and Justin

The Covetour

Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson has a packed and organized closet full of shoes that is absolutely astonishing. With a quirky-but-cool overall style, Ferguson should stand as a beacon of semi-casual menswear for all the guys out there looking to make a fashionable impact with seemingly little effort. 


There’s nothing like being greeted by Jesse Tyler Ferguson (a.k.a. Mitchell from Modern Family) with coffee in one hand and his puppy Leaf in the other - two (er, three!) of our favorite things. He ushered us inside and introduced us to his lawyer fiancé Justin Mikita, and after getting acquainted with the pair's charming selves —Ferguson is very much like his quirky character counterpart —we decided to get down to business.

They then revealed a meticulously organized shoe closet with each pair neatly labeled. The couple also boasts a fairly impressive collection of vests and jackets in a variety of tweeds and plaids. Read More and Check Out the Gallery

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