JewelMint Collective Attracts Indie Jewelry Designers

Indie Jewlery Design


Jewelry is the black sheep of the fashion accessory family, probably because the market is shaped like an hourglass with expensive but gorgeous items on one side, and merely passable on the other. It's the indie scene that's bridging the gap and filling out that midsection, and everyone who's anyone in the indie jewelry business is featuring at the JewelMint Collective.

Fashionista’s first-ever “How to Make It in Fashion” conference at the Dream Downtown was an absolute dream unto itself–the speakers, the guests, the goody bags–and none of it would’ve been possible without our fabulous sponsor, JewelMint. We love JewelMint for always having the freshest accessories available at couldn’t-be-more-perfect prices, as well as its affiliation with some of fashion’s biggest players like celeb stylist Cher Coulter and Giles and Brother’s Phillip Crangi.


And now, JewelMint just got even better (no, seriously), by introducing JewelMint Collective. Here’s the scoop: The Collective is the site’s new curated marketplace of indie fashion designers–meaning it’s filled with amazing stuff your friends definitely won’t already have. (Read More)

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