J.Press (Finally) Sees Significant Changes to Collection

Whiffenpoofs at J.Press New Haven


Although J.Press has been around for ages, one aspect of the fashion house is that their clothing lines have been relatively stagnant, especially when compared to the majority of designer labels that completely update their entire selection every three months or so. So it's a bit of a surprise that J.Press is releasing a full line called York Street that’s should have hip adults and fashion forward youth drooling in anticipation.


J.Press, that venerable bastion of navy blazers, oxford cloth dress shirts, and scholastic-y repp ties, was founded on Yale's campus in New Haven, Connecticut, years before the first Model T rolled into town. Stylish Ivy Leaguers of yore—the kind of dudes who remember where they were when John-John saluted JFK's coffin—still swear by the line (and look boss in it), but it's hard to imagine many current undergrad Yalies heating up Dad's credit cards at the store. Because, for better and worse, J.Press simply doesn't change. Read More About the Changes Coming to J.Press

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