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This is important because experience levels plastic surgeons have may impact your preparation steps. Generally, to prepare for a tummy tuck in a city like NYC, you will review written materials your plastic surgeon gives you after your initial consultations. Stop smoking six weeks or longer before the surgery, as smoking increases the chances that you'll experience complications during surgery. Smoking can also slow your recovery time.


Instead of going on a crash diet or starving yourself in effort to lose a lot of weight before you get a tummy tuck, focus on eating healthy meals and drinking plenty of fresh water. Your plastic surgeon will probably advise you to wear loose clothes to the surgery. This can reduce the soreness and discomfort you experience post surgery.

Before getting the surgery, ask to take several days off from work. As a safe bet, you may want to take a week off from work. This is generally enough time to recover fully post procedure. Rather than spending the time away from work running around completing errands or checking work emails from home, truly rest. It can speed up the time it takes you to recover.


Also, let your family know that you are having the surgery. Ask them for support during your recovery, especially if you have young children to care for at home. You may have plenty of time, years, to enjoy your new figure, fitting into clothes you may have spent years only dreaming about wearing comfortably.

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