Justin Bieber Booed in Canada

PM Stephen Harper/

Justin Bieber is starting to make (even more of) a fool of himself. He's now been booed by his homeland's residents and showed up to a meeting with their prime minister in overalls. apparently thinks, though, that he was booed at the football game because of the overalls incident, which is a stupid assumption. Football fans are generally not going to be the same fans that follow Bieber and his terrible music: That's all there is to it. I would have booed him no matter where I was or what he might have worn to meet the president of my country.


It’s not Justin Bieber‘s week! First, he faced criticism for wearing overalls to meet the Prime Minister, then he was beat up on Family Guy, and now he has been booed by his native Canadians at a football game. It seems that a lot of people were unimpressed by Justin’s disrespectful choice of clothing when meeting the Prime Minister. Do YOU think Justin was booed because of his overalls? Justin performed two of his biggest hits, “Boyfriend” and “Beauty And A Beat” at the Nov. 25 Grey Cup halftime show in Toronto. The crowd began booing when Justin’s face appeared on the JumboTron screen, and continued to boo when the host spoke his name, as well as throughout his performance. But why? Read More


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