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JustLuxe Retro 2009: Luxury Pet Industry a Patron of the Arts
By: James Rothaar   |    October 10, 2011   |   2 Comments (0) (0)

Photo by Samantha Norwood

Fine Art Pet Portraits: It is always a pleasure to introduce an emerging artist to our readers. Samantha Norwood is an animal lover and an artist whose intricately detailed portraits of people’s pets—in acrylics or watercolors—are vividly rich. If a picture is worth a thousand of words, an original commissioned portrait like this would be priceless to a pet owner.

Ms. Norwood, who also is an interior designer, works with photographs to produce   portraits that preserve an animal’s essence forever. My culturally challenged vision was fully exposed during my first encounter with “Superpony, ” a Norwood portrait of a horse. It was so lifelike that I thought it was a well-made photograph, with a dark background, designed to illuminate the horse’s expressive face. The intricacies captured by Norwood on canvass are extraordinary.  

Ms. Norwood is a graduate of Towson State University, in Maryland, and a student of renowned Pennsylvania artist Karl J. Kuerner III. Giclée reproductions of gallery works by Samantha Norwood are available online at www.samanthanorwood.com

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