K. Stew Rocks V. Beckham for V Magazine

V Magazine

One of the biggest celebrities is rocking some of the hottest designs from Victoria Beckham for V Magazine. While the outfit is classic Kristen Stewart (and the hair, makeup and stoic face), Victoria Beckham's fashions sure look like they'd be great on anyone.


She's notoriously mean and moody at the best of times, even on the red carpet, but it seems Kristen Stewart's latest editorial shoot for V Magazine has brought out her signature characteristics more than ever before. The Twilight actress was dressed in none other than Victoria Beckham for the seductive feel shoot for the publication's January cover.

Described as pretty and precocious by the mag, 22 year old Kristen Stewart confesses that she's "stronger than ever" and promises even bigger and better projects in the years to come. And we can believe it. Read More

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