Kanye A Little Miffed By Fashion's Mysterious Ways?

Pride Cometh Before The Fall, Yeezy

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It's no secret that the world of fashion is a cut-throat, no holds barred competition between giants vying endlessly for prestige and positive PR, but apparently a request for Kanye's exclusive attendance at Paris Fashion Week was enough to set old Yeezy off in a dither. The song "I am God," according to Yeezy, is the result of the encounter. Sheesh, you'd think he'd be honored that they wanted his name associated with them. Acting like that, I know I wouldn't!

There was once a time when rappers got hot under the collar when rival rappers "dissed" them, sometimes guns were drawn over the argument, too. But, as he often does, West went in a different direction with the locus of his diss-i-ness.

We are told that West was invited to an exclusive fashion event at Paris Fashion week. But he was only invited, he says, if he refused offers to go to any other show that week. The designer, it appears, wanted to be able to boast that only he had Kanye West.

Apparently West felt this was a diss. (Read More)

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