Kanye Wears Weird Fashion to an Actual Event

Kanye... Sigh

Jerome Domine/ABACA

In an open letter from People's Stylewatch, they call out the musician, singer and rapper Kanye West for wearing a red knit facemask to a party recently. There's not much that can be said about this beyond what they've called out, but his trying to pull catwalk styles to real-world events is a pretty heavy faux pas. What do you think?


Dear Kanye,

We get it. You love fashion. You take the industry very seriously — so much so that you designed your own line. And you even have the confidence to step out in a kilt. Basically, you wear things that most men wouldn’t dare to, and that’s awesome.

That said, we have a slight (okay, major) issue with your recent Paris Couture Week look. Particularly, your accessory selection: What’s the deal with the red knit facemask you wore to the Maison Martin Margiela show on Wednesday? Read More

Michael P.

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