Kanye West Considering Fashion Line Reboot

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Kanye West has been sighted at most of the major fashion runway shows lately and it seems that he's trying to build some inspiration to restart his fashion line, which is reportedly to be inspired by Margiela. If that's really the case, his upcoming line could be significantly cool... At least as long as he doesn't release too many facemasks.


Are you a fashion designer in Paris looking for a job? If so, you’re in luck: Kanye West may be hiring.

We heard from a reliable source that West, who did not plan a runway show for this Paris fashion week (but did get his secret concert reviewed by Tim Blanks), is interviewing designers to assemble a design team. He’s also, we hear, briefed people on what he wants his next collection to look like: “sexy Margiela.”

Which is not surprising considering how heavily Margiela plays into both his song lyrics and personal wardrobe. We wonder if he’s fallen out of love with Givenchy, which was almost too strong an influence on his last collection. Read More

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