Kanye West Makes Fashion Breakthrough

Never Forgotten!


Finally admitting that the only reason someone would wear the monstrosities he suggested to Kim Kardashian is because they're slightly delirious and desperate to please their man – though why Kim should settle for Yeezy the world may never know – Kanye west made a fashion breakthrough: his tastes suck! Hopefully this means his upcoming fashion line will continue on without his "creative" input.


Kanye West, 36-year-old hip-hop superstar, gave a very revealing interview to W magazine regarding his fashion career, his new album, his move to Paris, and Kim Kardashian‘s style! Kim often comes under fire for what she wears, but Kanye could care less!


When asked about the makeover debacle he started with Kim’s wardrobe and style, he sweetly stated: “Nobody can tell my girl what to do. She just needed to be given some platforms of information to work from.” He describes how Kim is always in the tabloids and therefore, so are her risky fashion choices — but he loves it all, even if she does occasionally suffer a fashion flop! (Read More)

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