Kate Middleton, Public Transportation and a Growing Baby

Kate Middleton


I'm still waiting for the day that Kate Middleton heads into the public and doesn't look classy. Even a few months pregnant, the Duchess is wearing an elegant ensemble, complete with fairly tall heels. How much longer do you think she'll be able to tolerate dressing like this during the pregnancy? For most women at this stage, I'd guess 1 or 1.5 months; however, Kate has to maintain the Royal image. I think she'll sooner just not go out into public than wear sweats.


The all-important event that warranted this hugely important visit from the queen and her grandson's pregnant wife? The tube's 150th anniversary, which surely ranks somewhere above "Toy Soldier Day" and below "National Absinthe Day" in importance. For Kate it looked like a particularly fraught public appearance — the mightily symbolic commingling with commoner things and all. Let's take a closer look. Check Out the Pictures

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