Kate Moss and Rihanna Steamy for V Magazine

V Magazine

Two of the hottest women in the world today got up close and personal during a photo shoot for V Magazine released this month and the shots probably couldn't be any more suggestive. Even more worthy of checking out is the brief (less than 30 seconds) video released in conjunction, which is tantalizing to say the least.

You might recall a certain social media frenzy taking place a few months back involving none other than fashion icon Kate Moss and a certain pop superstar named Rihanna— perhaps you’ve heard of them?  As the story goes, RiRi set off a Twitter storm when she tweeted pictures of herself posing with the supermodel using the hashtag #V, leading the rest of us only to assume that a V magazine editorial was in the works.  Well, put down the coffee and step away from the copy machine because the March issue has finally been released and it reveals a lot more than just a sexy two-page spread. Read More and Check Out the Pics

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