Kate Moss Featured in Latest Givenchy Campaign


There's probably not a much better move for a fashion line's advertising campaign than having Kate Moss featured in the advertisements. Givenchy seems to have just learned this secret and is now showing off the beautiful 38-year old in their Spring 2013 campaign.


Kate Moss has been killing it recently. She nabbed the Versace Spring 2013 campaign, released a book, covered Interview Russia, and got photobombed by a penis. Actually wait, we’re not sure if that last one is good or bad.

In any case, the latest coup for the 38-year-old supermodel is a spot in Givenchy’s Spring 2013 campaign–which marks the first time in Moss’s 25-year career that she has fronted the label.

For the ads, Riccardo Tisci decided to forgo models of the moment, and instead cast friends–though of course it’s handy when one of your pals is Kate Moss. Read More

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