Kate Moss Struts in Style

Kate Moss

Image by Hewitt/Splash News

From the ground up, Kate Moss looks amazing. The boots are works of the finest art, the artfully worn jeans bespeak a give-no-crap attitude, the simple v-neck top is rescued by a sexy leather jacket... and then those ugly glasses tun this stylish ensemble into a train wreck. Moss, you're better than this. Pitch the glasses. Please?


She's known for making a style statement wherever she goes.


But we can't imaging the 'wearing sunglasses at night' craze will ever really take off - even if Kate Moss is the latest celeb to give it a go.


The 39-year-old supermodel was spotted wearing a pair of designer sunnies as she left the Dorchester Hotel in London late in the evening.


As twilight had already fallen, there would be no reason for the blonde beauty to be sporting the dark lens eyewear.


But Kate looked as though she was ready for daylight as she left the swanky five-star hotel. (Read More)

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