Katie Holmes and Her Well-Played PR for New Line

Katie Holmes announced a divorce from Tom Cruise, executed the resolution in a record-breaking two weeks, and has since rocked the fashion world in perfect PR form.  Elle magazine released a feature on the star, an incredibly well-timed piece that proceeded to go viral across the internets and blogsphere. As a newly single momma, she also taped an episode on Project Runway and has made daily public appearances New York City, looking polished, put-together and overall stress-free.

What’s more is that Holmes is also cleverly sporting Holmes & Yang, her very own line with former Cruise stylist Jeanna Yang, and is advertising across town. As the New York Times clues in, the paparazzo shots have become “a stealth ad campaign,” one that is gaining momentum to Holmes’ debut at New York Fashion Week in September.

“The way she’s getting photographed today, she’s in a position to get more exposure than ever before,” Robert Burke, a former Bergdorf Goodman executive and fashion consultant, told the New York Times. “She’s not waiting for fashion editors and stylists to come and pull her clothes.”

Props to Katie and her team, it is no question these daily appearances and wardrobe choice are  not only great for her personal brand but for the anticipated launch of her new line that she is looking flawless in. 

Angela Di Laurentis

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