Keeping Thin While Eating Out

Social gatherings with family and friends often seem to revolve around eating out at restaurants. While these occasions are a great way to create bonds and network with others, eating out at a restaurant can wreak havoc on a person’s diet. 

The food served at restaurants is designed to be tempting and can pack enough calories and fat to account for a person’s entire daily intake. However, by following a few simple guidelines, a person can still have fun eating out while maintaining a healthy diet.

Suggest Healthy Options

One of the best ways to stay thin while eating out is to be the first one to suggest healthier restaurants when making plans for social events. Many restaurants are catching on to the importance of eating healthy and are now offering specials on salads and smaller portions. By suggesting these locations, a person can keep control of the food that is offered on a menu so that they can have a variety of options without being tempted by fattening meals. If a healthy choice is not possible for dining out, then be sure to order food in as natural a state as possible. By avoiding fried foods or asking for butter and dressing to be placed on the side, a large portion of fats and calories can be reduced in any entrée choice.

Split Your Plate

Most restaurants strive to ensure that their patrons leave satisfied that they have had a full meal. Large portion sizes also mean that they can charge higher prices. This can easily be remedied by splitting a meal with a friend. Many restaurants are willing to accommodate their customers by bringing additional plates for guests to share a meal. If this is not possible, then taking a portion of the meal home can also be a way to eat healthier. Most foods are fine to eat in small portions. To avoid being tempted to finish the entire plate, split half into a to-go box as soon as the entrée arrives. Then, the calories will be effectively split in half before a person ever starts to eat.

Skip Desserts and Appetizers

The most unhealthy menu items are usually the first and last courses of the meal. While the rich offerings of fried appetizers and delectable desserts may be hard to turn down, the long-term effects of eating them will go straight to the waistline. By skipping appetizers and desserts, a person can focus on eating the healthy entrée that they have ordered without any leftover guilt.

Keeping thin while eating out may seem like an impossible goal to achieve. However, by carefully selecting a restaurant and making healthy choices in food selections, a person can easily enjoy an evening out while keeping their body in a healthy state.


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