Keepsakes -- create them from the gifts your child receives

I found out that keepsakes don’t just happen. They need to be planned if you want them to end up being the unique keepsake that you hope for. It is easy to create keepsakes from the gifts that your child receives. Take Disney Princess charm braceletsfor example. I started one of these when my daughter was born. My husband and I planned to add one or two new charms to her bracelet every year as a birthday present. That is just what we did, and my daughter treasures each of Princess charms on her bracelet. When it is getting close to birthday time, she wonders which charms she will get this year.

Since she loves her charm bracelet so much, word got around to the rest of the family that she was collecting princess charms. Last Christmas, my daughter was fortunate to receive three new charms for Christmas gifts. Soon, when her original charm bracelet is filled up, she will probably want to start a second one with the charms that she receives for gifts.

Although I kept her Disney Princess charm bracelet in her keepsake box when she was a preschooler, I still remember making an everyday princess charm bracelet for her to wear and play with. It wasn’t the real thing, but she and I made a special charm bracelet with shrink charms that we baked in the oven. They were just right for a three year old girl who was already in love with anything that had a princess theme.

How to mark gifts as keepsakes

The fact that all three of my children have embroidered Coyuchi organic baby bedding in their keepsake boxes didn’t just happen by accident either. I planned to have at least one special piece of keepsake bedding for each of my three children. If relatives asked me what my sons or daughter needed or wanted for their birthday as babies, I asked for Coyuchi organic baby bedding. The babies had the luxury of sleeping on percale bedding without harmful chemicals, and they were kept warm with cozy organic cotton blankets.

When I received several adorable French terry Coyuchi receiving blankets at my baby shower, I knew that they would go into  my son’s keepsake box when they were outgrown. I used them and loved them, and then I put them in a safe place where they would be preserved for his children to use some day.

One of the best features of fine organic cotton blankets and sheets is that they are so well made and durable that they look good even after many washings.The colors in the bedding are non-toxic, which I also like. There is no damage to the environment either, and I feel good knowing that my children are using pure cotton products.

Beautiful gifts over something ordinary

When I began saving my children’s favorite items in their keepsake boxes, it wasn’t usually a hard choice to mark a gift as something that would end up inside the box one day. When I was pregnant with my youngest son, my best friend gave me a darling, very soft organic cotton blanket. As soon as I saw it,  I  knew that it was destined for the keepsake box one day. I wrapped my son in his super  cozy blanket many times during his first year, but when he began to walk, I transferred it to  a hanger in his closet. If we  were going somewhere special, I would get the special blanket out to wrap him in.  He was warm and happy when we wrapped it around him, and I was glad that it was being treated as a real keepsake.

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Martha Marks is busy with a demanding sales career, but she is a mother first. She knows the value of the Internet for finding great gift ideas. She especially loves to buy Disney Princess charm bracelets as gifts for little girls as they are a special piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime.

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