Kenzo's Latest Show Features Sky-Inspired Fashions


As you have probably noticed from many of my posts, I'm not a fan of most experimental fashions. Kenzo's latest show isn't any different. With a theme that focuses on the sky, I feel like the design team has completely missed the mark in quite a few of their fashions, which offered up only a small handful of items that I could actually imagine seeing people wear in public. 


Food might be just as important as fashion for Carol Lim and Humberto Leon.

The hit-makers behind Opening Ceremony and, since fall 2012, Parisian house Kenzo, always find a way to incorporate food into their presentations. (For their very first Kenzo womenswear show they flew Magnolia bakers from New York to Paris to make sure every guest had a cupcake on his/her seat.) So when Pitti Uomo came calling to ask Kenzo to be the featured menswear designer at the prestigious trade show, Lim and Leon went with their guts. Read More

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