Kerala Tours-Keeps Endless Natural Splendor

Kerala is amongst those enchanting tourist destinations that enhance the beauty of India with lots of natural wonderments. Most of the travelers prefer to visit Kerala because it is a magical terrain bordered by Karnataka to north and Arabian Sea to the south set apart from the rest of Asia by the beautiful chain of coconut trees, the southernmost part is immediately recognizable amongst globetrotters. There is a myriad of enchanting attractions in Kerala such as the Arabian Sea, houseboats, coastal belts, hill stations, Western Ghats, verdant forests, tea plantations and lot more. Besides these, this magical land is visited for its cultural heritage, temples, festivals, herbal ayurveda, and many other things. Further, this beautiful and graceful peninsula defines the real meaning of Mother Nature with the fantastic backwaters, glittering lakes, palm-fringed beaches, spectacular hill stations, etc.

With highly standardized living style and 100% literacy, Kerala has reached at par amongst advanced countries around the world. Plus, this place has a wonderful 100% record of health and cleanliness. Here, the lifestyle of the locals is simple who are expert in making excellent arts & crafts of Kerala that are truly outstanding. Kerala’s beauty also enhances by its stupendous hill stations that take you in-depth exquisiteness of this land. The tourists shouldn’t miss to forget a breathtaking nature walk in the various hill stations of Kerala. Visit to the lust green tea plantations in Munnar hill station and discover the mysterious charm of natural fascination.

Apart from the usual attractions of south India, this land has a plethora of wildlife destinations and national parks. In these places, the travelers prefer to visit in wandering different types of animals either domestic or migratory. Periyar National Park is amongst those enthralling wild destinations in the terrain that enhances the charm of this region with its surprising flora & fauna. At present, this park is rewarded as paradise of adventure lovers where hundreds of national and migratory animals such as lions, Beer, leopards, etc, are found across the India’s wildlife destinations. For those travelers who come to Kerala in a search of tigers, again Periyar National Park is an ideal place to visit. Truly, there is no other wildlife destination in Kerala, which offers such an amazingly range of wild animals.

When it comes to the symphony of south India, Kerala presents a clear image of Indian folk dance & music through diverse folk instruments and dance forms. Kathakali is an enchanting dance fort that keeps you touched with the tinkling sound of anklets, being tied to the feet of a dance performer.  

So, if you are desperate to discover the unparalleled beauty of India, then book yourself for Kerala Tours and enjoy your adorned vacations to India.

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