KeratinComplex Hydrates Hair in Time for Summer


The warmer weather is upon us and there is no better way to keep your hair sleek, stylish and frizz free than with KeratinComplex. We tried the dual combination system that we put to the test of hydrating frizzy locks. The Instant Repair Pack did just that leaving our tresses not only curly but shiny.

The intense products are designed to infuse the hair cuticle with proteins to repair and revitalize while at the same time helping to rebuild its strength and elasticity. The pack includesKeratinComplex InfusionandIntense RX Ionic Keratin Protein Restructuring Serum.

Start by washing and conditioning your hair with your daily conditioner then apply the replenisher to revitalize hair when blow drying. This treatment works especially well with flat ironing. Thehigh PH replenisher automatically opens the cuticle and enters to infuseKeratin proteinsinto the hair. The product penetrates deep into the hair before heat is applied and then closes the cuticle to trap the nourishing hydration.

We love how easy the products can be applied and the instant results that can be achieved with daily use. Used in combination with the replenisher, theIntense RX Ionic Keratin Protein Restructuring Serumuses more than25 percent of pure Keratin proteinto rebuild the hair’s strength, return elasticity and reduce breakage in just one treatment. Through electrostatic penetration,the Intense RXfuses to existing protein bonds, restructuring and extending the life of extremely damaged and chemically processed hair.

After just one treatment, you will find the secret to younger and healthier looking hair.

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