Kim Kardashian?s Photoshoot for V Magazine, Acceptance in the Fashion Industry?

Coco Perez

Kim Kardashian has not exactly been embraced by the high-fashion community, despite her reality show and two sisters attempting to run stores of their own, Kim isn’t really the belle of the Met Ball or fashion’s favorite celebrity. But, the tides may be turning for KK. No, we aren’t talking about beau Kanye West providing Givenchy and Celine threads in muted shades for Kim to wear, although that is an improvement.  Apparently, KK did a photo shoot with V Magazine accompanying SHOW Studio’s Nick Knight. Now that, might improve her credit rating in the fashion industry.

We don’t know much, yet but thanks to Twitter we see that Kim and Nick both tweeted about the photoshoot: “@SHOWstudio: The very lovely Kim Kardashian. Preview from the series of pictures I shot of Kim for SHOWstudio and V magaz” Kim proceeded to retweet the message adding several exclamation points.

 What does this mean for Kim Kardashian? We aren’t entirely sure but expect to see her V in the near future and possibly gracing more glossy covers, although many are questioning her credibility to be there.

Allie Montgomery

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