Kim?s Style Transformation

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Lately we have noticed a bit of a change from the once tacky E! star; could this style change attributited to her boyfriend, Kanye West be a permanent transformation for Kim Kardashion? The fashion world has been slow to embrace this headline making star, but it is clear that she is turnng heads for some positive style selections as of late.

This week CelebStyle caught up with the reality star -turned- designer.  Kim looked particularly chic in a green Gucci dress with her favorite Tom Ford gold chain sandals. The main topic of conversation was, of course, he Kanye style transformation. (It was confirmed that her rapper-fashion-forward beau was  a helping hand in the positive style shift, as if we didn’t already discover that!).  KK also discussed what makes her feel glamorous and beautiful outside of the new luxury goods. Check out the full interview and first-hand insight into the recent 180 fashion turn that Kim has embraced.


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