King George Palace - One of Athens? Best Hotels

The King George Palace is a consistent award-winning location that is considered among the best hotels in Athens, Greece. Located near the center of the historical city center, King George Palace is a perfect vacation destination that yields easy trips around Athens’ impressive collection of archaic structures and artwork as well as the impressive array of wonderful dining and high-class entertainment opportunities that the city offers.


This hotel provides a fantastic selection of amenities that will please even the most dedicated travelers and, beyond the large, luxurious rooms, they also have some great on-site options to make one’s stay even more comfortable. Though fine dining is available nearby, the meals at King George Palace are of the highest caliber and allow a stress-free dining opportunity for weary sightseers. For even more rest and relaxation, the hotel also has a spa facility, both an indoor and outdoor pool and a fitness center to help maintain one’s schedule.

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