Earning a Profit From Your Junk Car

In days past, a car that had become too costly to run had to be removed, at a cost, by a for-profit company. Today, when an end of life vehicle is dismantled and processed, it becomes copper, rare metal, fluids, plastic, and aluminum, all of which are of value to the industrial sector. When your car has seen its last day, selling it not only earns you a stipend towards your next vehicle (or vacation), but helps the environment too. Today’s cash-for-car sector has developed to the point where it contributes significantly to the protection of the environment. Vehicle recycling, on the other hand, makes use of working parts in other cars. There are different ways to handle the process, all with varying degrees of profit. 

Junk Yards

Local junkyards often buy at significantly disparate costs, so it is well worthwhile to shop around for the best offer. When doing so, take account of which yards charge for towing. Before shopping around, get an assessment of the damage to your car done, using the list to ensure you are receiving an honest offer. Paperwork such as certificates of title is important to the legality of your sale, according to The DMV


Some businesses offer a free towing and evaluation service, after which your vehicle is scrapped. The earnings are donated to charity, with some companies offering sellers the freedom to choose one themselves. With junk cars sometimes fetching significant amounts, this method allows you to donate more than you might have been able to otherwise.

Internet Valuation

In today’s world, time is money, and the internet has become the quickest way to do just about everything. Instant quotes are available online, based on the size of your car, the value of scrap metals at the time, and your location. Companies such as value your vehicle at your home, taking on the towing costs themselves. A reputable business will handle the paperwork on your behalf but may only buy from the legal owner of the vehicle. They assess the Blue Book value and consider the type and extent of damage. It is crucial to educate yourself on the condition of your vehicle prior to a sale; you can expect a higher profit for a working car, therefore it is sometimes worthwhile to fix breakages prior to sale. Once you've collected your earnings, there are still more to be found. advises sellers to claim on their unused insurance and road tax. 


If you have the hands of a mechanic and the skills of a salesperson, you might like to sell the parts of your car online. Catalytic converters can be sold to junkyards, while tires and other parts can be sold at e-commerce websites. When coping with this process yourself, remember to begin by draining the coolant, oil and gas prior to parting. Car titles are useful to junkyards if they are not older than 10 years.


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