Know Before You Go on an International Travel

When traveling to a foreign country, there are several things to consider. From the climate, to the people, the customs, and local cuisine; but, you also have to consider certain travel arrangements, to ensure you have a great time, and see and do all the things you want to.

When it comes to travel, you have to know how you will get around. If you want to save, buses or travel groups are a great option; if you don't mind spending a little more, and want more comfort, taxis might be a better choice. In many occasions especially in big cities keep in mind that transportation costs for taxis are extremely high. Catching the bus might cost you only a $3 ticket and the same distance taking a taxi might have you spending $60! Regardless of what you choose, know how you will get around before you go.

Sightseeing and Activity research

Know where to go before you leave; make a list of all the important places you want to visit, know how you will get to and from these places, what the fees are, and so forth. Knowing what is available to you, and the most relevant tourist sights you want to see, will help you in planning your trip.  

Visas, travel documents and safety

Some regions you need a passport so make sure your passport is up to date and valid. Consider updating it if you haven’t used it for many years as some airports are strict and can get you into trouble just for looking different in your passport photo. Other regions you may require a visa and a work permit to travel to; make sure you gather all information before you decide to travel.

Additionally, know which areas are safe, especially for foreigners. Certain countries are safer than others, and in some countries, if you are seen as a visitor; you are a target for crimes. So, you have to keep your safety in mind when traveling as well.

Find out about the local traditions and customs

You have to know about the culture, the people, and what is considered the norm. You don't want to insult people, or make fun of their culture, without knowing you are doing this. Instead, make sure you know about their customs, how it differs from your home country, and do a little research, so that you are aware before traveling.

Travel Insurance

When traveling internationally, travel insurance is a great option to purchase. You not only protect your belongings, but yourself in the event of injuries. From medical attention to emergency hospital visits, with the right insurance you are covered.

Currency and Credit Cards

Consider doing a credit card comparison research before travelling abroad. Plastic money is a safe option while travelling. There are many cards you can apply for that are considered “travel cards” and you can benefit from them as they provide the minimum currency conversion fee, low cash withdrawal fee and many more benefits. You can do this online, through a bank, or you can apply for credit cards directly through creditors that offer special cards for travelers. In some regions you may choose to carry cash, but the risk of loss is greater; with a credit card, it is in your name, and your money is protected, even if you happen to lose the card when you are traveling.


Make sure you plan ahead and take necessary medication; additionally, if you have allergies, know what the weather is, so you can plan ahead for the unexpected when you are in a foreign region. Some places you need to have done your appropriate Injections for Precaution measures.

When traveling to a foreign country, you have to consider all of these aspects. From the weather, credit cards and clothing you need to have to bring, to the local customs and people. Being aware of the differences in your home country, and theirs, will make it easier to travel, and will make for a better trip.


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