Kristin Chenoweth's Best Looks from the American Country Awards

Kristin Chenoweth in Honor at the American Country Awards

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Probably the most talked-about gown of the week was the one co-host Kristin Chenoweth wore on the red carpet at the American Country Awards on Monday. You know, the emerald one with a thigh-high slit and ultra-revealing neckline -- maybe I should say waistline, given how low-cut it was.

The look (as well as most of her other looks during the evening) was put together by stylist Sophia Banks-Coloma, the designer who co-founded the Whitley Kros label. Gotta admit that with Banks-Coloma's help, Chenoweth was eye-catching indeed. To see the looks and find out just what she was wearing, check out our photo gallery.

And if you were surprised to see the Broadway chanteuse co-hosting the show, don't be.  Her first country album,  "Some Lessons Learned," was released in September and she recorded it in Nashville.  She's long had an interest in the genre, she says in the video above, which contains parts of a music video and snippets of Chenowith talking about country. When she was growing up in Oklahoma, she says, "the performance outlets I had were rodeos and church."

- Susan Denley

Photo: Kristin Chenoweth on the red carpet at the American Country Awards. Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Sophia Banks Coloma

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