La Femme de Cleveland gives women fresh take on Cleveland pride t-shirts

Katelyn Zagara, a 21-year-old Aurora resident, was searching for a Cleveland pride t-shirt online and was disappointed with the limited choices. "While talking with a friend, I was discussing a t-shirt I had thought about - just a simple 'Cleveland' shirt with a crown. After hearing such a positive response, I thought to myself, 'I would be crazy not to run with this idea.' I never in a million years would have thought I'd find myself in fashion, but I can honestly say this is the happiest I have ever been."

And it shows - before she knew it, Katelyn had 5 design ideas for her shirts and knew it was an idea she had to run with. That's where La Femme de Cleveland was born! Read on as I chat with her about her beloved city, why life's curveballs are sometimes a blessing in disguise (her business venture might have to thank a spring break at home for its taking off!), who she couldn't have done it all without, her hopes for her company's future - and, of course - her chic line of clothes just for Cleveland.

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Chrissy Lorenzo

Chrissy Lorenzo is a Cleveland-based professional freelance journalist and blog author with a lifelong love affair with the written word. She channels that passion into her specialization in fashion and beauty journalism to bring her readers fresh, unexpected and informative pieces. Chrissy's talent for relatable content writing has led her to many amazing opportunities, such as interviews with bo...(Read More)

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