L.A. My Way: Natasha Henstridge's Surfer Style

Natasha Henstridge

courtesy CW

Everyone knows that lanky blonde star Natasha Henstridge has an impossibly perfect bikini body, but who knew she puts it to good use by bodysurfing?  “I love the outdoors. I’m not a big gym person,” says Natasha, the former teen model from Newfoundland, Canada who moved to Paris at 14, then Los Angeles to catwalk her way into a Hollywood acting career.

The former cast member of “The Secret Circle,” “Time Jumper” and “Eli Stone” has three movies coming out in 2013 alone: The Bronx Bull (with William Forsythe -- as Jake LaMotta -- and a heavy-duty A-list cast), the thriller Cold Spring and Against the Wild, a wilderness survival tale. 

That’s a lot of parkas for a woman who’s known for wearing a lot less. “California offers so many great options, so I’d much rather be outside bodysurfing, surfing and boogie boarding.” 

Where exactly? Read JustLuxe contributor Vicki Arkoff's exclusive interview with Henstridge about her favorite places to play in L.A.:

Vicki Arkoff

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