Larios Cafe : Dont go

We have been to this Larios cafe recommended by justluxe in Madrid in April 2012. I have only one thing to say about it - don't ever go there!! The place itself looks fantastic but there is no life. We went on saturday night, arrived at 10 pm and were the first guests! Ate from the card, prices ok but the food sucked!!!! It was really bad, my husband even returned a dish because it just looked and smelled bad. Later came also some other guests, mostly people around 18 y. to eat a burger. They had a sort of coupon to eat a burger, because everybody was eating the same. We in the end also ordered this burger - looked good - but it was no big deal - burned meat and cold bread. Concernig the 'fun' part - music, this was very poor. The cuban band played without passion, like they were only doing there job. And the best was, that after 11.30 pm everybody was leaving. I wanted to stay and listen to the music and drink mojito, but we were there almost alone, bored so we decided to leave too. I don't see any reason to ever go there back.

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