Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Dogs

Dogs at the spa


In a world where services available to our pets include luxury resorts, psychiatry, professional massages, and even cosmetic surgery, it should come as no surprise that pet fashion is a big market as well. Pampering our pups is becoming more and more common, and even though it might seem absurd to some, it’s not so hard to understand why people start spoiling and anthropomorphizing their pets. For many pet owners, their dogs, cats, etc. are like their children – their job is to take care of them, and in return they get the love and loyalty pets are known for in return.

We looked into the modern world of pet fashion, and below is a list of the doggy fashion trends that took us most by surprise:

Dog Jewelry:

With a wide variety of bejeweled collars, hair clips, and even tiaras available for dogs these days, most of us have come across dog jewelry at one point or another. But have you ever heard of the Amour Amour Diamond Dog Collar from I Love Dog Diamonds? Estimated at $3.2 million, the Amour Amour has been called “the Bugatti of dog collars.” Made with platinum, white gold, and crocodile leather, and adorned in over 1,600 hand-set diamonds, it’s impossible to argue that this accessory is anything but a status symbol.

Pet Hair Feathers:

One pet fashion trend that seems to be picking up steam is hair feathers, for pets. Safe and relatively inexpensive, hair feathers are one trend that we can get behind because no one gets hurt, or goes bankrupt, and they look cute! Even if your dog probably couldn’t care less about the feathers in its hair, it does look kind of adorable, and starting at $10, pet plumes are a small item purchase you won’t lose sleep over.

Cosmetic Surgery:

While many plastic surgeries performed on dogs, such as rhinoplasty and dental surgery, can have very real medical benefits, other plastic surgeries performed on pets are unfortunately strictly cosmetic. One ridiculous example of this is Neuticles – testicular implants for neutered pets. According to the website,
“Neuticles allows pets to retain their natural look self esteem, and aids the pet’s owner with the trauma associated with altering,” and over a half million pet owners worldwide have purchased them. Is it possible that Neuticles actually are helpful to a neutered dog’s self-esteem? Maybe, but we believe that this procedure is probably mostly for the pet owner, not the pet.

In the end, as long as both you and your pup are having a good time, go for it, and don’t give a second thought to what anyone else thinks!


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