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Tyvek wristbands

Tyvek wristbands

Wristbands have been in use for decades. With time new uses of a wristband have been discovered- fashion, promotion, wearing while playing a sport etc. the diversification of wristband is possible because a band can be made of many materials, vinyl, silicone and tyvek.

What is tyvek band?

Many of us have heard the term ‘paper wristbands’. The so called paper bands are actually tyvek wristbands. Tyvek is actually a synthetic material, made out of fibre. While making wristbands fabric and paper is mixed with the tyvek fibre. As a result, tyvek bands are light-weight, hard to tear, soft on hands and water resistant. 

Advantages of using tyvek in bands

1)    Tyvek is environment friendly and can be recycled for future use.

2)    It is not harmful for the skin.

3)     Since it is a synthetic material, the band will be water-proof.

4)    The band will be tear resistant as tyvek is quite sturd.

5)     Tyvek bands offer good protection against scratches.

6)    Since they are very light in weight, the wearer will be comfortable.


Tyvek wristbands are quite secured once they are in place around a wrist. They are fitted by putting both ends of the band together with adhesive backing. After that it is not easy to remove the tyvek band. Most of the time, you will have to cut it with knife or scissors for defacing it. Suppose you want to allow only select people in an event. By putting tyvek bands on the invited, you can separate them from the uninvited. This way you will be able to stop people from gate-crashing any event. Only this reason is sufficient enough using a Tyvek wristband. Add to that the other advantages and it becomes a compelling choice.

Use of tyvek bands

A Tyvek wristband is not for daily use rather they are ideal for short term usage. In most cases wristbands made of tyvek are treated like paper- one particular task and then it is disposed. When it comes to the duration of the use of tyvek bands few hours is common with one day being the maximum. This reason for this short shell life is the fact that they are mostly used for things like controlling the admission in events like concerts and sports games or as a method for identification- patients in a hospital, underage people in a party etc. 

Tyvek bands are promoted as single use wristband which is different from a silicone or vinyl wristband both of which are log lasting. As a matter of fact this single use nature makes the tyvek wristbands desirable to many.

Where to find the tyvek bands

Apart from buying it from the stores, you can also make an online purchase. There are many sites on the World Wide Web that will offer you many varieties of tyvek bands. Some of them are retailers who stock products made by other manufacturers. On the other hand some of them are manufactures themselves who can offer you great custom made wristbands.

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