Light Therapy lamps - Uplift Technologies vs. Day Light Sky

For those of us who turn into a moody-depressed-anti-social pumpkin from Sept – April, finding the best light therapy lamp is literally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

It may take a few days or a whole week before you feel the effect, but when it starts working you’ll see how your mood is elevated, how alert and active you’ll become again and how the constant fatigue will disappear.

 But how to find the best light therapy lamp and choose from the many lamps out there?

 First, Important Features to Look For:

1. The light lamp should emit 10,000 lux. Any less than that and you’ll have to spend more time (more than 20-30 minutes a day) in front of it.

2. The light therapy lamp should emit full spectrum bright light. This is the type of light that’s most similar to natural sunlight.

3. The SAD lamp should filter out the possibly harmful UV rays.

4. The manufacturer’s reputation and experience is important, since bright light therapy lamps are not checked by the FDA.

5. Consider where and how you will want to sit in front of your lamp. Do you want to use it while you’re working on your computer? Do you want to sit on your couch and read a book? This will determine the size and structure of your lamp.

Best Light Therapy Lamps – Uplift Technologies VS Day Light Sky

These 2 light therapy lamps are the most popular SAD lamps today, and both of them have all the important features listed above. To help you choose, here’s a comparison between The Uplift Technologies SAD lamp and the Day Light Sky SAD lamp:...

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