Lilliana Matheus in a Hayari Exquisite Gown during the Venice Film Festival!

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There are times when all the World seems to stand still, that's what happened when Super model Liliana Mattheus made an entrance during the 70th Venice Film Festival. Liliana Mattheus displayed beauty necessities while adorned in a beautifully,  handcrafted, hand embroidered and expertly designed stunning Hayari Paris Gown. Liliana Mattheus while adorned in this magnificent Hayari bejewelled gown did not only add gIamour to the event but, happens to lighten the Spirit of the festival, with a warm glow. Yes, it's dark, but it's Lovely. It's Black, but it's Beautiful." A perfect gown for a perfect occasion. The gown captured the historic  features of the festival itself, remember, it is Venice Film Festival. The rich dazzling black gown features beautiful patterns, with  exotic finesse that did not disappoint. In attendance were George Clooney, Sandra Bullock, Virginie Ledoyen, Flammetta Cicogna, Martina Gedek, and a lot  of A-List  Celebrities.                          Photo Credit: By Pascal Le Segretaln/Getty Images Europe!

This charming Hayari Paris gown incorporates a free flowing grace, with a contemporary elegance. The clean designs and elegant styling features, shows a glossy Ebony appearance. The versatile grandeur transparent Lacework is like an enchanting garden, blooming and  creating a radiant beauty with exquisite and classic appearance. Liliana Mattheus looked like a Dark Angel that was sent to rescue me from myself!

Liliana Mattheus attends the opening Ceremony and Gravity Premier during the 70th Venice Int'l Film Festival at Palazzo Del Cinema. Photo Credit: By Pascal Le Segretaln/Getty Images Europe!

Yes, she fluanted her body in this heavily embroidered Hayari Gown, showing it all, and telling it all. Who would ever imagine what it would be like? Just tell me who? The Gown is a grand addition to any event especially with Gorgeous Liliana Mattheus demonstrating a true pride of careful craftmanship by Nabil Hayari, who pays close attention to details in his work. This overly attractive gown has a sense of charm that reminds one of the Modern Time Creations, "The Millenial Creations."  But the traditional essence and traditional beauty of the Gown creates timeless, regal elegance and soft luxury that provides perfectly exquisite comfort to the recipient.

                Photo Credit: By Pascal Le Segretaln/Getty Images Europe!

The delighted texture of the sumptuous gown  features a perfect embellish making Liliana Mattheus's Fans to be lost in Reverie.  They say, a woman's secret longings and thoughts usually seem to be reflected on her face as she daydreams. Yes, Liliana Mattheus fans seems to be lost  for a moment, Just by looking at her. For me, staring at her In this prestigious, classically-styled and designed, Hayari Paris Gown,  l will be Lost for a million Years. Can you imagine her as a Modern Day Queen in this Elegant, Regal, Graceful and Luxurious Gown by Hayari Paris? For me, this dress  is fit for a Princess but perfect for a Queen. The Gown has a refined Style, with superior resplendent beauty in-built. Right-now, l am giving you a tip, anyone can also indulge in the Superior comfort that this Gown offers, by going to, then make an appointment, visit the show room in Paris for measurement, and then, Designer Nabil Hayari will design your own Gown with your own body size and shape!

                        Photo Credit: By Pascal Le Segretaln/Getty Images Europe!

This Hayari sumptuous Gown with undulating scrolls of embroidered flowers on a transparent, dazzling, black, and vibrant Lacework stream through the field of Contemporary-style, and thus, displays exquisite Grace and Beauty!

                 Photo Credit: By Pascal Le Segretaln/Getty Images Europe!

                       Photo Credit: By Pascal Le Segretaln/Getty Images Europe!

The charming  "Noire Belle" Gown has its intricate motifs. It has a retro, abstract look that will complement variety of occasions. It expresses the spiritual side of Beauty with an unparalleled style. As a symbol of Love, the charming, handmade Hayari Gown features it's own swags.
The legendary Gown has a story to tell, with it's euphoric exuberance. Supermodel Liliana Mattheus with her unique style and huge personality had a perfect harmony and rhythm with the Gown itself. It's like, the Gown was designed just for her!

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