Lindsay Lohan wants nothing to do with half-sister

Lindsay Lohan


In the last couple weeks, it has been proven that Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael Lohan, fathered a child during an affair.  Well Lindsay is speaking out about the issue and is making it clear she wants nothing to do with her half-sister, or her father.  Just another saga in a horrific mess of a family.  No wonder Li Lo is so messed up in so many ways.  Makes me feel really bad for Lindsay.    

According to TMZ on Nov. 18, Lindsay Lohan has said she wants nothing to do with her half-sister after proof rose that her father sired another child 17-years ago.

This comes a few days after Lohan lied to "Good Morning America" about knowing that the girl existed, to keep from having to discuss her personal life during the interview. Read more here.


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