Live Like A Royal In The Seychelles

We all want to grow up to marry a prince or princess, travel the globe and have access to the crown jewels, however since Kate Middleton claimed this dream as her own, this ideal seems as far from reality as humanly possible. Or is it? Well we can’t promise you the prince or the crown jewels, but we can show you just where to go to be treated like royalty on your own private island in the Seychelles.

The Queen Elizabeth of all these islands, the Buckingham Palace of the group, is North Island a combination of goodness both for its (very limited) guests and for the surrounding environment. In fact the number of guests on this island, home to only eleven majestic villas, that you would be entirely forgiven for raising your own family flag on the beach and claiming it as your own. With so few guests to look after, your every whim will be catered for and your tropical holiday tailored to suit your every requirement, hence why it has made it onto our ‘royalty’ list.

But it isn’t just you and your family who are privy to the royal treatment, the animals and plant life too enjoy the utmost care and preservation with natural habitats being rehabilitated and endangered flora and fauna being reintroduced throughout this tropical haven. The island, like the royal family, undertake many ambitious projects to help the surrounding area and its inhabitants and their conservation commitment is one of the things that make this island so well, perfect. Cliché’d we know, but nevertheless true.  

Your ‘quarters’ for the duration of your stay will be a 4890 square foot Villa, perched atop the sand on the pristine beach, just metres from the gentle lapping of the waves. Where your butler, no fancy royal puns or double entendre needed here, just a plain and simple, genuine butler who will genuinely cater to your every need (and those of your corgi’s should you choose to bring them along).

In short, pack your royal bikini and practice your royal wave, because your imperial duties dictate that you spend your days relaxing by your private plunge pool before attending an evening banquet in your honour, cooked and prepared to your exact specifications, before retreating to one’s majestic canopy bed and looking out at the stars. 

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