Living a Normal Life after Colostomy

Leading a normal life after colostomy seems to be quite an impossible task to anyone thinking of it. Stoma care, dealing with changing pouches and always having the pouches attached to you are some of the concerns that scare people from having colostomy. Well, here is the news for you: it is as true as the nine lives of the cat!

Usually, people avoid having colostomy after hearing such myths. However, the truth is absolutely opposite to that portrayed by the myths. The following are just some of the activities that are regarded as impossible after the surgical operation. Let’s discuss these one by one.


You don’t have to be a granny to charge colostomy with precluding you from having exercise! In fact, young people think the same way. Whatever the perception, there is no truth in these. Colostomydoes notmake it impossible for you to exercise; it only changes the regime for a while. For instance, you won’t be able to do tough exercises right after stepping out of the operation theatre. In the beginning, you will have to limit yourself to only gentle exercises. However, after a while and along with your recovery, you will be able to do all sorts of exercises. In short, the dude will get back to the gym soon after the operation!


Firstly, take a breath: youdo nothave to lose your job to get treated. If your job does not involve weight lifting or any such strenuous responsibility, you will be able to get back on work in just a few weeks. In case it does involve weightlifting or other strenuous duty, it may take a few months to be able to start doing it once again-so, no real problem even if you have to load weights on a truck!

There is more to this. Talking to people who have gone through such processes reveals that there are many employers out there who will simply understand your problem and may be even willing to adjust your work responsibilities accordingly. Who knows? Your employer could be one of them!


If there are a few things that you cannot do after having colostomy, travelling is surelynotone of them. You can travel after the operation without any big problem. Manystoma carecompanies provide you with Radars which help you to find public disabled toilets where you can go to change your appliance. You can buy these radars withstorma carefrom any reputed supplier of medical equipment. As for international travel, make sure that you carry a lot of appliances with you. The reason: there is no guarantee that you will easily find the appliances in the country you are travelling to. In short, nothing will keep you from going places!


Colostomy doesnotdebar you from having sex. However, you may need to bring slight alterations in your positions and styles. For example, women may find it difficult to have sex in the ‘missionary position’. Men may suffer from temporary erectile dysfunction. However, this shall be temporary and can be brought to normal in a very short while. Colostomy does not kick joys out of your life. Never look at it that way.


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