Lose Some Pounds and Lose Some Pain

Low Back Pain


In recent time many studies have carried out to show the connection between obesity and pain. Research also shows that overweight and obese individuals are most likely to suffer from some medical conditions that can cause pain. Some of these conditions include arthritis, type 2 diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia, back pain and others. Given the above, it is assumed that being overweight or obese makes a person more prone to these medical conditions that can cause pain. There the advice “lose some pounds and lose some pain” is a nice one that is grounded on research. You can avoid some pain by losing weight.

There are many pain-causing health problems like being sick. But these do not eliminated the relationship between obesity and pain as suggested by Arthur A. Stone, PhD. Many studies have been carried out during the first half of 2011 which proved that obesity is unhealthy and a risk factor to sciatica, low back pain and other musculoskeletal problems that put the victims to a great pain. Most patients that visit chiropractic offices are suffering from these conditions. According to a study on primary medical practice, cases of obesity constitute 8% of all the cases seen in chiropractic practice

Early degeneration of spines among children in the US is believed to be caused by obesity. Further study on cases of juvenile disc degeneration shows that it can be caused by obesity, increased low back pain intensity, diminished physical and social functioning, overweight and low back pain. The result of another study published in the Spine associated disability and high low back pain intensity not with lean tissue mass but with greater fat.

There are enough evidences from numerous studies conducted from the first half of 2011 that showed that obesity has strong negative impact. It is important that chiropractors understand the terrible consequence of obesity. They should enlighten their patients about the connection between obesity and pain in an interactive section if they are willing. However, a chiropractor can only enlighten the patient if he or she is knowledgeable about obesity and its consequences. A chiropractor who is not competent in handling obesity should refer the patient to another healthcare provider.

Providing treatment to patient suffering from low back pain and the likes without addressing the issue of obesity and its consequence is like giving medication to a patient suffering from low back pain without addressing the underlying principal cause of the problem. The patient will at best get momentary relief from the pain. Sooner or later, the pain will come back. This is because only the symptoms have been treated while the main causative factor of the problem has been left untouched. Nothing therefore has been done at all if the causative factor is not first dealt with.

In conclusion, losing weight is the stepping stone to treating pain such as low back pain. This is the implication of many studies whose results associated obesity with pain.

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