Lose Weight the Daniel Craig Way

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When anybody hears the words James Bond, what immediately comes to mind are images of a man in all his muscular glory. James Bond is manliness personified. He is the embodiment of all things which make women drool. His suave demeanor is all the more enhanced by his stocky physique.

No other man in Hollywood today seems to perfectly fit the bill to play the James Bond role than Craig Daniel. One look at his body and you would think that he found a magic lamp and harassed a genie into giving him a buff bod. No, he didn’t have to make like Aladdin and rub a lamp the right way. The secret to his spanking body lies in the right combination of diet and workout.

For Daniel’s diet, he ate food low in carbohydrates and high in protein throughout the week. He had an absolutely “no junk food” rule, and stuck to it like glue. But on weekends, he rewarded himself by eating and drinking what he liked. He gave up on his smoking habit too.

His body building regimen consisted of exercising five times a week. He did a lot of circuit-training, weightlifting and pull ups. For his workout, these were the exercises he performed - with little resting in between: dips, pull ups, push ups, squats, and deadlifts.

The main goal for these exercises was not only to look good with great muscles, but to be able to function effectively as well. They helped Craig Daniel jump, fight, and climb better. He pulled off doing most of his stunts. The result? A stronger spy.

If you’re still on the lookout for celebrity weight loss tips to follow, look no further and follow Craig Daniel’s routine. With the right amount of discipline and willpower, you are sure to look like a 007 in no time.

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