Louise Roe Replaces Macpherson on Fashion Star

 Fans of the hit style show, The Fashion Star, will now have a new host (gasp!). Who could it be? Miss Louise Roe will be replacing Macpherson as the leading lady. And while she isn’t Heidi Klum (who is, though?) she is a familiar fashion face in the industry and also in the entertainment world.

How so? Roe was previously the host of "Plain Jane," another fashion-themed reality show on the CW. Roe, also happens to be editor-at-large at Glamour, maybe you’ve heard of it? On the show Plain Jane, the glossy editor was a modern day fashion fairy godmother, taking young women with quite drab or lack-there-of style and transforming them with complete clothing and makeup; a full makeover. Unfortunately and fortunately for Roe the show had a mere six episode run.

Macpherson decided to leaving her hosting role in June and still remains a producer. She not only is happy about the shift in roles, but completely endorses Roe as her successor: "As executive producer of Fashion Star I’m really excited by our choice of Louise as host for the second season," the model told Deadline. "I think her presence will energize and surprise."

When does next season start? We can’t wait to see the lovely host and the rest of the style evolution on The Fashion Star.Check out the full scoop of the swap at Huffington Post.

Megan Jenkins

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