Lunch with Dallas Chef Tre Wilcox (TRE COOKING CONCEPTS)

Chef Tre Wilcox in Action

C. Y. Cooper

On a beautiful Saturday morning, my sister and I traveled to BIG D, Dallas, Texas from Fort Worth. Texas to observe and have lunch with Top Chef Contestant (Season 3) Chef Tre Wilcox in his own kitchen.  TRE COOKING CONCEPTS allows foodies, like yours truly, the opportunity to view the techniques and execution of a world class chef up close, while enjoying a DELICIOUS meal and taking notes on his WONDERFUL recipes.  There were two other attendees at this lunch/class, a mother/daughter duo from Lake Highlands, Texas.

Our first course for lunch was Chef Tre's signature dish of Shrimp and Grits.  I must admit that if that had been the only course, I would have been perfectly happy.  The grits were so flavorful and the shrimp, which had been marinating for two days, was simply WONDERFUL.  Now, the first course was so good, what could possibly follow it?  How about rabbit tenderloin with duck foie gras and a watercress salad.  In one word it was AMAZING.  Our third course was beef tenderloin with a black garlic puree along with swiss chard and maitake mushrooms.  The beef literally melted in your mouth while the black garlic puree, swiss chard and mushrooms complimented the meat.  To top off this INCREDIBLE lunch Chef Tre prepared a lemon tarragon dessert, which was light, cool, refreshing and easy on the palate.  And just as the lunch was about to come an end, Chef Tre gave each of his guests a box of chocolates from Chocolate Sweets.

FABULOUS, FANTASTIC, FUN, INFORMATIVE are just a few of the words that I can use to describe this very fast pace 2 1/2 hour lunch experience.  The class is geared for five people and besides watching a truly GREAT chef demonstrate his craft, there's also GREAT conversation between Chef Tre and the attendees.  If you're interested in getting in touch with Chef Tre and attending a lunch/class, you can reach him at

C. Y. Cooper

Lunch/Class Guest with Chef Tre Wilcox
C. Y. Cooper

Third course of Beef Tenderloin


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